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Introducing the GSEE/Kyoto Engagement Registry

Background At the GSEE/Kyoto Founding Summit, the participants will discuss establishing and expanding a Registry of Engaged Scientists and their Experiments in Engagement that contains a brief description of experiments in which they are taking part or wish to initiate. The Registry could be of significant help to coalescing the regional engagement community and making their work more effective.

Initial Implementation We are starting the registry on the Summit web site, participant to send entries to for posting there as one of the major Summit deliverables.

Sample entries To help jump-start the Registry, two of us have put together draft entries that are intended as examples; feedback from the other participants on the format --see below-- and content is very much welcomed [and needed] as we go forward.

A next step Once we have all, or nearly all of these in hand, we could move to the next stage -- establishing a true wiki site for use by the regional and global GSEE communities and encouraging our colleagues who are members of those communities to add their contributions. We imagine implementing this stage will take about a year, during which time several of us will act as informal editors of the wiki site to help ensure consistency and clarity.

A 2015 Review In early 2015 we will poll our colleagues to see if the "Registry" experiment is proving successful. If it is a success, we'll go to the next stage--expanding the Registry by bringing it to the attention of the broader engagement community after establishing a protocol for submission and identifying an editor or editors who will work to ensure consistency and clarity in the contributions.

Suggested format for each entry
  1. Category
  2. Audience
  3. An experiment in engagement: a brief description that could include visual materials
  4. Impact: a current assessment
  5. Sustainability and Scalability: ways in which the experiment could be continued, replicated, or expanded
  6. A link to the experiment web site
  7. Links to web sites related to the experiment
  8. Contributor