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Report of a past accomplishment in engagement - Kazuo Nishimura

1. Category Self-learning Textbook
2. Audience Elementary school students and their teachers
3. Brief description We published self-learning text book of elementary mathematics for grade 1 - 6, "Let's Learn Math."
4. Scalability It is being translated into English for distribution outside Japan.
5. Impact It greatly influenced the curriculum reform and math text guideline announced by the Ministry of Education in 2008. Reports on the text have been made in the Yomiuri Newspaper, Sankei Newspaper and also in a Fuji Network TV program.
Now many private tutors and private schools use this textbook, but not many public schools do so yet.
6. We offer trial lessons
Whenever there is a request by an elementary school, we send an experienced teacher to conduct a trial lesson using the self-learning textbook "Let's learn Math." We once visited a public elementary school in the Okinawa islands. Students were excited and enjoyed experiencing "fun-learning"! Teachers and educators listened and watched attentively to the class and showed great interests in the text book as well as the teaching methods
7.Website: Through the International Society for Education teachers and parents can apply for trial lessons and workshops. But at this stage it can be done only from the home page in Japanese.
8. Reported by Kazuo Nishimura