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Proposed experiment [actually a Grand Challenge] in engagement-David Pines, entry 2.

1. Category On-line interactive science center
2. Audience Middle and high school students and their teachers
3. Brief description Developing an on-line interactive science center for a middle school audience. As a middle-school version of ICAM's virtual science museum, that has an internet-savvy audience of 18 to 35 year olds, it could introduce students to science through examples of emergent behavior in their immediate environment. It could help middle schoolers acquire an emergent perspective on societal problems by using materials on climate change that have been developed for this audience by environmental learning centers.
4. Scalability Entries for the web site could be developed by any of GSEE's partners and by many existing science museums. Its contents could be easily translated into the languages appropriate for the countries that host it.
5. Potential impact and sustainability Difficult to over-estimate.
6. Web site Through ICAM, we have established a web site that could be used to initiate the project. Located at,it currently has one entry developed by Shawn Carlson of LabRats.
7. Links to other web sites,,
8. Proposed by David Pines