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Exploratory Workshop by Pines

1. Category Exploratory Workshop
2. Audience Engaged scientists, leaders from the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, the National Academy of Sciences, the American Institute of Physics,and GSEE, science journalists
3. Brief description "Becoming Engaged: Initiatives that can Change Science Education", was an ICAM workshop, held from July 22 - 25, 2012. The twenty-one participants discussed a number of initiatives that represent experiments in engagement and broke into small groups to discuss potential partnerships, community building and culture change as part of a regional, national, and global "Engagement Action Agenda".
4. Impact The workshop had a significant impact on the agenda for GSEE's May 9-11 Founding Summit, GSEE/Chicago, and led directly to the formation of the GSEE working group on Grand Challenges in Engagement and to a proposal for a peer-reviewed on line journal, tentatively titled, "Experiments in Engagement."
5. Sustainability and Scalability. We hope to hold GSEE exploratory workshops of about this size on the topic of Grand Challenges in Engagement annually at the Aspen Center for Physics in mid-September, beginning in September 2014.
6. A summary of the workshop, including a proposed global action agenda,
may be found at,
7. Links to the initiatives discussed there, including major reports prepared by PCAST and the NAS, are posted at, as is a useful definition of science literacy
8. Name of Contributor David Pines