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Engagement registry entry by David Pines

1. Category On-line course
2. Audience High school graduates and their teachers
3. Brief description I have written a Chapter, Emergent Behavior in Quantum Matter, that is part of an on-line course, "Physics for the Twenty-first Century". In it I introduce the viewer to some general gateways to emergent behavior, such as effective fields, to the gateways responsible for our understanding of conventional superconductivity, and to recent developments in unconventional superconductors, the emergence of heavy electrons in Kondo lattice materials, and the cosmic superfluidity discovered in pulsars. It is accompanied by excerpts from videos of interviews with Piers Coleman and Paul Chaikin.
4. An assessment of its impact and potential for sustainability
The course is beginning to attract viewers, but I do not have current figures on its impact. It is sustainable in its present form, but that sustainability would be considerably enhanced if it were revised every two years or so.
5. Scalability-ways in which the experiment could be continued, replicated, or expanded in other institutions. If chat rooms were established on the site that enables viewers to ask questions of the authors or discuss its contents with one another, I think it would have greater impact. Another idea: each author could establish a blog site in which she/he discusses developments during the past three years that could be included in a revised edition and, possibly, encourages readers to respond
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8. Name of Contributor David Pines